Payment Methods

Payment Methods

For your convenience, we offer various methods of payment. You can pay in cash, with your Debit Card, or with a Credit (Visa or Mastercard) Card.

And, if you would like to pay for your denture(s) in installments, you can now do so through PayBright. They are a great company providing loans that can be more advantageous than using credit cards when you cannot quickly pay the full amount.  Perhaps, you do not even have a credit card or lack sufficient funds on it. No matter the case, PayBright may be able to help you obtain prosthetic teeth services.

With a few clicks and within minutes, you can apply and check whether you are approved or not – fortunately, they do not require much information and approve about 80% of applicants. If you are not comfortable using a computer or have any questions, feel free to call us to book a consultation during which we can help you apply right in our clinic. You must simply bring a government-issued ID.

Should you decide to go through with this method of payment, you will also need to bring a void cheque or a PAD (Pre-Authorized Deposit) form from your bank or online banking. This allows for PayBright to take the monthly payments – you won’t even have to worry about forgetting a payment!

We hope this service will allow you to regain your oral health and appearance without setting you back financially!

To start the application with PayBright, click on the following button:


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