Even the best-quality dentures can require repair. The material they’re made from will erode with time and normal usage. It is even possible for the denture to be fractured, especially for appliances that have been worn and used for years. The longer a denture is worn, the greater are the chances for it to break and require a repair. Also, keep in mind that your oral condition, your gum shape, etc. change throughout the years, which is why it is recommended to visit your denturist every three years and adjust the denture according to any changes.

It has been shown that the most common cause of fractures is usually poor fit. As you chew and bite with your denture, you apply a force that can lead to micro fractures in the material. If the upper and lower pieces don’t align well, for example, you risk putting too much pressure on one area as opposed to having the pressure spread evenly throughout the entire appliance. Eventually a large break can occur, which may reveal a crack or completely split the complete or partial denture into two pieces or more.

Your denture might also break due to an impact fracture, caused by dropping the appliance or by biting into something very hard. In such a case, this can break the denture at any point in the appliance, which means the teeth or the acrylic that represents your gum line.

Although metal clasps of partial dentures are quite sturdy, they too can suffer damage, and a partial with such clasps should not be put back in your mouth until it has been fixed.

Luckily, dentures are made from materials allowing for denture repair. In most cases, the complete or partial denture can be repaired. However, it is possible for an appliance to be broken beyond repair; in such a case, you will need to get a new denture.

Repairs can be done anywhere from 1 hour to 48 hours depending on the gravity of the situation and time availability on a certain day. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call and we will do our best to get your appliance back in good shape as soon as possible. Please note that repairs for metal dentures can take longer or may not be possible depending on the type of damage.

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